Why Maldives tourism businesses love Chinese tourists 

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Maldives, with a charming and beautiful ranking of more than 1,000 islands in the Indian Ocean, has become the epicenter for Chinese holidays.

In 2013, the Maldives received 103 results from 734 Chinese explorers, up 66 percent from the same period in 2011, and the number of annual guests reached 331 held 719.

According to China Tourism Tourism, the Maldives has achieved an extremely valuable target for Chinese visitors.

During the actual quarter of 2014, Chinese explorers had 42.2% of offers to the Maldives. This year, Chinese tourism in the Maldives increased by 20.2%. During the time frame of the first half day, 601.513 visitors are paid.

Chinese tourist photo shoot worship

There are two basic instances of propaganda spread along the route of the Chinese population in the Maldives. The first is the expansion of non-stop flights between Maldives and China in the region. The second is due to the statistics and positive remarks found by the Chinese tourists on the web-based networking media stages. The figure does not produce a zealot coat for Maldives.

The Maldives has changed the direction of China from the various beaches of Southeast Asia.

South Nollande, Maldives

China Organization – Due to solid Maldives, visa bans are not required to travel to the islands. These adjustments to the leader holidays include the basic criteria when choosing Chinese vacation gear copy and copy.

In addition, the Maldives gradually interpreted the trade mark as Chinese overseas.

A particular culture:

The Maldives’ amazing landscapes showcase it all over the world, plus a rich and exotic culture. This lifestyle is a mix of Bedouin, Sinhalese and southern India.


In the Maldives, the center of social attraction is men, for example, the royal residence, Sultan Park, the National Gallery, the men’s fish market.

Due to the sheer number of tourist destinations, men are one of the well-known Chinese celebrities who like to visit social attractions.

Extra accommodation:

Most parts of the Maldives are amazingly advanced, with a consistent Chinese population. With an arbitrary cash flow climb and its lifestyle “cash buys everything”, a perfect fit for first-rate resorts and advanced travelers: personal administration, a grand atmosphere… every Chinese holiday. The certificate required on our Cestas

Haufin Fushi-Maldives-Cottages


Crystalline blue, white sand and date palms are original highlights of each of the many island islands. In this charming landscape, there is an unforgettable and unearthly excitement of the cheerful neglect of China’s touristy tranquility.

Reef swimming

In addition, countless swimming countless rocks where disturbances occur have the opportunity to rank over 1000 marine life. On this occasion, various routes are underway in connection with several Chinese aquatic sports, for example, the sinking and swimming, the Maldives seems an ideal.

Enjoy the dish:

Chinese is a three-day alternative in the Maldives. He could admire the extravagant café, the closest rational dinner or dinner in country life, for example, men and ado.

The location is not allowed on a regular basis to ensure a real Maldives experience, and it can be seen that her age and the volcano cake are different.

Surrounded by traditional cooking fishes in the Maldives, which is usually a test of greatness. This is due to the strong link between the Chinese population and the volcano.

Maldives is one of the most unusual countries in China.

As we are seeing, the Maldives is a way of administering amazing views and accessible access. This nation is a Chinese class and it has been discovered and offered space that is one element that natural Chinese are pursuing.

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