Why Belize Vacations can be Planned Anytime of the Year?

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Belize can be said as a hub of best snorkeling and fishing centers. Belize Excursions include all the activities that a person dreamt of. It includes diving, snorkeling, fishing, enjoying different festivals of different Belizean cultures and peace of mind. As mentioning the festivals, Belize Excursions include festivals all over the year. Many festivals are celebrated of Belizean culture which is interesting to know and celebrate.

Festivities celebrated in a Belize vacation

  • Fiesta de Carnaval- this is celebrated in the month of February. It is also called Belize carnival. This includes traditional flour fight. This generally includes all kind of merriment like singing, dancing, different competitions and parades.
  • Baron Bliss Day- this is celebrated in the month of March. It is celebrated in the honor of the fourth baron bliss who donated a large amount of cash for the city of Belize. It includes different races like horse races, sailboat races and kitting.
  • Easter week- this is celebrated in the month of March. This festival is celebrated week along in the Belize place. People visit for different religious ceremonies and also for family trips over there.
  • Belize lobster festival- this is celebrated in the month of June- July. This is the season of lobsters and therefore it is called so. Different lobster made dishes is made for tourists along with some music and dancing.
  • Deer dance festival- it is celebrated in the month of August. This is a festival in the Mayan village of Belize where deer is hunted along with some ritualized dance and merriments.
  • Belize Independence Day- this is celebrated on the 21st September where the Belizeans got freedom and this day is celebrated with parades and other fun events organized by the people themselves.

Along with some beautiful rainforest and sandy beaches and festival merriment, Belize Excursions are made more enjoyable more than ever expected.

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