What to see in Albania: 5 natural paradises

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Its natural wonders (the mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and valleys), its gastronomy (delicious and very economical), and the people: these three defines Albania a lot. These places are not cities, nor are they easy to find or navigate once you are on the site. However, the adventure involved in reaching these points is very worthwhile. If you are a nature lover, and searching places in Albania what to see, here they are:

Waterfalls in Grunas

From Shkoder, you can reach Theth in one of the mythical vans that Albanians use as public transport to travel their country. The good news is that throughout the trip you will find spectacular perspectives to photograph. Many travelers establish their base camp at Valbona. From Theth you can perfectly do a lot of spectacular walks over several days. The best for us was the one that led us to the Grunas area. It is about 3 kilometers to reach the waterfalls that you will find there. For the return you have several different routes that will be explained to you in any of the guest houses you choose to stay.

Blue Eye

You can visit this place from Theth. The walk alone is worth it for the amount of places you will find and they will leave you with your mouth open. But getting there is even better. Above this water hole, there is a very cool little restaurant with some wooden ledges. A must have a beer here or eat. They also have ridiculous prices for where it is. Lots of heat and sunshine outside, but when you drop, the temperature drops more than 10 degrees and the water is completely frozen. If you go, leave at dawn and walk fast until you arrive.

Skadar Lake

This lake divides Montenegro and Albania. From Shkoder you can travel the southern rim on foot or by bike. This second option is much more recommended because the best is right on the border with Montenegro. Enjoy the views of the Montenegrin Mountains while you relax, letting the little fish at the entrance of the lake “clean” your feet.

Turquoise rivers

You can also travel these rivers by road from Gjirokaster to Permet, although the first option is the most impressive. Without a doubt, the mix between the green of the mountains and the turquoise blue of the River is one of the best road routes you will enjoy once you visit this place.

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