What are the important factors before choosing the travelling eye mask?

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The primary important thing to evaluate is the size and shape of the night mask. They must be sufficient to cover the eyes and part of the nose well. Usually they are one-size-fits-all so watch out for super-cheap models (maybe from $ 3) because the measurements could be reduced to the bare minimum. Second thing is indeed the comfort. The night mask must be super-comfortable and of light materials.

Pay attention to the elastic that should not be too tight on the skin. Some eye masks have a small buckle on the side of the elastic that serves to tighten and adjust the width. For some this buckle can be annoying especially if you are used to sleeping on your side. You can choose from various designs of eye mask from https://shopoffthemap.com/products/2-in-1-comfort-eye-mask-neck-pillow. Once you visit the exclusive collections, you will not get outside without purchasing one, or may be two!

What time of year do you use night masks?

All year round, but summer is the period of greatest use, July and August to be precise, do you know why? Because it is the most sunny time of the year. The hours of light are many and so is the fatigue for the long days spent on the beaches.The problem is that you buy more in the winter and if you don’t get organized first you risk having to settle for what you find in the holiday homes, if you find it. But if in summer they are used more for light, the eye masks can be bought more in winter.

Therefore there are masks for summer and winter sleeping made with different materials. The most sophisticated have the peculiarity of containing inside a bearing that is heated or cooled depending on the period or the need.

How to make a mask for sleeping?

There are several tutorials on the web. Building yourself a sleeping mask is not that difficult. If you are a bit familiar with needle and thread and some time to invest, you will have no particular problems creating your mask. The process is quite short, it then depends on the complexity of the mask you want to create.

Do you want to try? Proxy of colored cotton and a padding. Contour the cotton and the padding with the shape of the mask basted together. Then attach the elastic to the mask, which should be left at a tension that does not tighten the head. Pass the outline with the sewing machine and it’s done.

Sleep disorders and eye masks

Sleep disorders are widespread among the population and according to a recent survey. Anxiety, fatigue and negative thoughts can cause insomnia, difficulty falling asleep and other problems.Sleeping masks can be a useful tool to combat some types of disorders. Not only when it comes to environmental disturbances (light) but also for relaxation and stress problems. You therefore take the benefits of sleeping masks seriously. It is one of the most common ways to find the right deep sleep.

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