Two cities, one travel: Marbella and Malaga All In One

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Marbella and Málaga surely are two pieces of jewelry when it comes to tourism. Thinking about these places is all about beautiful boulevards, sunny beaches with a very inviting water, the best of the Spanish wine, and a lot more. These two are only 45 kilometers away from each other, which makes either of them the perfect option for any traveler who seeks for a variated experience during their travel.

Visiting two cities in a single travel is a call for adventure.

When arriving into any of these cities it can be pretty hard for a foreign traveler to figure out what to do first or where to go, specially if the trip wasn’t carefully planned in advance. However, both Malaga and Marbella are very well known touristic spots, and as such they have a lot of ways to make it easier for travelers to move around.

Any tourist will easily find transfer services of different kinds, and will also have the options of hiring a car rental service. For those who have less experience in visiting foreign countries it is highly advised to find and use the transfer services so they don’t have to drive on their own, thus giving the traveler the freedom of moving around through a Malaga to Marbella transfer service without having to worry for things like finding a parking lot.

Two cities, two travels in a single one

It is certain that for those who enjoy traveling, few things are as exciting and satisfying as getting to know new places and people. This is exactly what makes either one of these cities so appealing for those who enjoy a good holiday adventure.

The fact that Marbella and Malaga, two of the biggest touristic places in Spain (and Europe whatsoever), are so close to each other makes it easier for those adventurer travelers who enjoy a variety of experiences. Both cities have museums, sunny beaches, representative squares, and many monuments that are all worthy of visiting.  While Malaga is famous for its fairs and wine, Marbella in the other hands offers a bigger variety when it comes to the gourmet part of the experience.

Social networks also play an important role when it comes to traveling to these places. As the sunny, touristic coast places that they are, they are constantly holding concerts and events that will most likely posted on the social media. Keeping an eye on the events will most likely lead you to art gallery expositions or even a concert on the beach! Anything can happen.

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