Top Pizza Toppings you cannot miss on

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Have you ever wondered what would pizza look and taste like without the toppings? Well, the thought itself is very disappointing so you don’t surely want to be engaged with it. There are several pizza toppings in the market. You know what nightmare looks like? That 37% of people across the globe order plain cheese pizza without toppings. That’s scary.

If you come across the fact that “There’s no such thing as bad pizza”. Ah, well surely. There is no such thing as bad pizza, but there is surely a bad topping. You may come across different reasons for pizza being awful. When you visit a pizza parlor, the first thing you expect from them is high quality pizza. No pizza should be ordered as a loner, but with toppings.

If you are someone who loves pizza, you will need to analyse everything. The right toppings can help to bring about the difference. So, here’s the best toppings as per Double Pizza that you can never miss out on.

  • Mushroom

Mushroom pizza may come to you as a combination of mushroom, pepperoni and onion, but it is time that you rethink your pizza strategy. When choosing mushroom pizza, you need to simply choose mushroom pizza. Some of the varieties of mushroom you can try in your pizza include porcini, wild and Portobello. These fresh pizza toppings can help to bring about a huge difference and can match up to your requirements. Honestly, this is going to change your entire lookout of mushroom pizza.

  • Spinach Pizza

This may sound “yuck” but honestly, it tastes “yum”. If you have hated spinach all your life, you need to reconsider the decision again. Spinach is one of the rarely used toppings and can be used for white as well as traditional pizza. The dough and cheese softens the bitter taste of spinach. Honestly, spinach is one of the most underrated pizzas.

  • Sun-dried tomatoes

Sun-dried tomato pizzas are one of the best choices to make. All tomatoes are great on pizza but sun-dried tomatoes have an altogether different pizza. Sun-dried tomatoes have a specific moisture retaining capacity that takes away all the flavour. The leftover flavour helps to enhance the overall taste.

  • Barbecue chicken

This is a personal favorite. What is a pizza without marinara sauce? Barbecue pizza has become a staple in today’s time. Barbecue chicken pizza is one of the best flavors to try. Ever since pizza came into being, barbecue chicken flavor has been a choice for many.

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