The Cost of Living in a Travel Trailer Full Time

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The RV lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but for those who are interested in a travel trailer as a full-time habitat are likely curious how much it will cost to do so. Much will determine your actual costs such as how much is invested in the RV, where it’s parked, how often you travel, and other factors.

Estimates range from $1400-3000 monthly, but it could be much higher or even lower. Here’s a brief breakdown of where your money will go when living full time in a travel trailer.

Travel Trailer Payments: RVs can be highly affordable, especially pre-owned travel trailers. On the flip side, one can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a top-of-the-line RV.

Depending on how much is spent, there may or may not be payments required, and this is the biggest expense in RV living that can range from $400-$1,600 monthly.

Insurance: Premiums will vary depending on the value of the travel trailer, with motorized homes typically costing more than non-motorized 5th wheels and pull-behinds. Prepare to pay between $400 and $1,100 annually for insurance.

Parking/Campground Rent: This will vary depending on where you stay, how long you stay and what is included in your daily, weekly or monthly rent.

Typically, monthly campground rentals are the best deal and often include hook ups, water, electricity (within limits) and some offer free Wi-Fi onsite. Costs average between $300-$600 per month.

Utilities: Again, this depends on where you park and how you power your rig. Propane tanks can empty quickly if you use the heater or cook frequently.

Electricity used at campgrounds may be separate from parking fees and runs an average of $50 monthly. Internet and cable services will generally run $50 per month.

Other expenses will include fuel for traveling, repairs and maintenance, which depend on how far you go in your RV and whether it’s under warranty. Fuel is unpredictable in pricing, but you will want to put aside at least $100 monthly in a maintenance/repair reserve.

As you can see, the cost will depend highly on your lifestyle preferences and how you use your travel trailer, but the rewards are endless!

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