The Best Restaurants in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong i undoubtedly one of the most visited places in Asia; in fact, in the year 2018 alone, this special administrative region received more than 65 million tourists. There are numerous factors that have led to this popularity but perhaps the thing that has drawn scores of tourists to Hong Kong is its luscious food culture. The innumerable options for exceptional dining experiences found here lures chefs as well as food enthusiasts from all over the world; making it culinary heaven. The city is dotted with uncountable restaurants, fast food eateries, and street food markets; thus, you can be sure to find delicious food everywhere you turn.

In addition, the fact that HK is well connected to virtually every corner of the world makes it an ideal destination for all foodies. The city’s state-of-the-art airport has received innovative upgrades over the years which have made it possible to accommodate large commercial aircraft and manage heavy traffic; this has significantly increased the number of visitors that frequent Hong Kong. On top of that, Cathay Pacific offers flights from other major capitals of the world to this wonderful paradise, making it easy to access from any place. Click the link below to book your flight in a few simple steps.

The incredible food culture in HK will certainly leave you spoilt for choice on where to eat. For those who want to have a refined and sophisticated dining experience, here are some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong that are definitely worth a visit.

The Chairman

Located inside a two-story townhouse in the heart of Hong Kong island, this Cantonese restaurant offers some of the best delicacies in the whole city. The Chairman has been providing sumptuous local cuisines for close to a decade. Be prepared to have your fair share of Chinese nostalgia when you visit this restaurant as the decorations found in the eatery will send you back to the 1940s. The Chairman provides à la carte dining which allows customers to order individual dishes from a menu; this is opposed to prix fixe menus which only offer multi-course meals with limited selections on individual items. A must-try cuisine when you visit this restaurant is the pigeon and Longjing tea and Chrysanthemum which, quite frankly, never goes out of style in HK. 


Just as the name suggests, this restaurant is where you can satisfy all your chicken cravings. This magnificent restaurant is located in Central Hong Kong and offers a wide selection of chicken dishes including chicken wings, thighs, breasts, yakitori, etc. However, Birdie also offers other succulent dishes such as amazing pork belly and beef, with a wide selection of Asian beverages such as sake and shochu to wash it all down.

Cuisine Cuisine

For an authentic Cantonese fine dining experience, head on over to this Michelin-starred restaurant located inside the Mira Hotel in Kowloon. The master chef of this exceptional establishment is proficient in preparing both traditional and contemporary Chinese cuisines using seasonal ingredients and recipes that have survived the test of time. Cuisine Cuisine is the recipient of multiple accolades and has featured by some of the most influential names in the Asian dining scene including the prestigious Opinionated About Dining (OAD) Top 100 Asian Restaurants, U Magazine, and the 100 Top tables of South China Morning Post. On top of that, the restaurant offers some of the most picturesque panoramic vistas of Kowloon, making it an ideal place to watch the famous “Symphony of Lights” show. Some of the most iconic meals offered in this magnificent restaurant include braised dried abalone and suckling pig with foie gras and crispy rice. 

Assaggio Trattoria Italiana

Just because you’re visiting HK doesn’t mean that you should be restricted to Asian dishes alone. On the sixth floor of Hong Kong Arts Center in Wanchai sits Assaggio Trattoria Italiana, an exquisite Italian restaurant. This alfresco eatery truly gives you a taste of Italy with dishes that are made using fresh ingredients such as genuine Italian flour and olive oil sourced straight from Italy. This fine dining establishment overlooks the famous Victoria Harbor and provides an amazing ambiance that’ll make you feel right at home. This, coupled with the restaurant’s amazing cuisines such as spaghetti carbonara and truffle pizza makes it one of the best places to grab a bite in the whole of HK.


This list only scratches the surface of what Hong Kong has to offer when it comes to fine dining. However, a meal in any of the above restaurants is sure to leave you yearning for more delicacies.


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