The Advantages of Glamping Holidays

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When it comes to planning your next holiday, there are just so many options to choose from. Whether you want a beach holiday, trekking through the jungle or a cultural city break. The opportunities are endless; and they have evolved to now include glamping.

What is glamping?

Glamping is basically, glamorous camping. Rather than sleeping in a cold and slightly miserable tent in the middle of a field; glamping offers people the chance to stay in quirky and unusual accommodation that is kitted out with all the amenities you could possibly need – but it is still within nature. Glamping North Wales offers a creative glamping experience with Shepherd’s Huts equipped with everything you could possibly need.

Where did glamping come from?

The word glamping first appeared on the scene back in 2005 after it made its first appearance in the UK. However, the concept behind glamping has been around for centuries. History books suggest that the Scottish Earl of Atholl was the first person to explore the general idea of glamping, back in the 16th century.

What do you stay in?

Glamping is the ideal holiday for the more adventurous person or couple who want to see and be in the great outdoors without sacrificing some home comforts – like a proper bed, hot shower, plug sockets and nice toilet facilities.

These days, glamping accommodation has expanded to include yurts, shepherd’s huts, safari tents, treehouses, tipis and even vintage caravans or trailers. These accommodation options nearly all come complete with bed linen, bathrooms, kitchen facilities and heating options. However, unlike a hotel stay, instead of having thin walls and loud neighbours – you have nature.


Who can go glamping?

The best advantage of glamping is that anyone can do it. It has become increasingly common, with options to suit most price ranges. Depending on the location, the seclusion and the quality of the accommodation, prices may rise. Many festivals are even capitalising on the rising popularity of glamping and are offering attendees the chance to go glamping rather than run-of-the-mill camping, a much more fashionable option.

Where can you go glamping?

As glamping is rapidly taking off in popularity, it is becoming a worldwide vacation choice. With staycations also on the rise, you can find beautiful glamping spots all over the UK in secluded settings which can make the best holiday destination. As glamping is becoming a popular alternative to traditional camping or even holidays abroad, you can find unexplored places with lots of activities and find a glamping holiday to suit your needs with ease.

Glamping in North Wales is the perfect base for your North Wales adventures, set in an area of outstanding natural beauty, getting back to nature is quite literally on the doorstep. With lots of local activities to keep you busy and entertained throughout your glamping holiday, there is also time to just spend time relaxing. Quality time is one of the best features of a glamping trip; switching off from the modern world and embracing the simpler things like having a conversation.

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