Taxis and transfers: Public or private transportations?

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Getting from one place to another is an issue that most of us deal with every now and then. For this matter, those who do not count with a transportation of their own can always count on public and private transportation, thus being one of the most common scenarios around the world. Public and private transportation are extremely common to see in any city or destination around the world, as mobility is a primary need for mankind.

Private transportations differs from the public one mainly on the fact that a public service will always be controlled by a city or country’s government and the laws that come with this matter. Even though private transportation companies will still need to go with the laws in matters of functioning as a service, they do have a much wider freedom in terms of costs and the aim of the service that they give. Listed below are different examples of transportation and situations that would be ideal to use them.

Taxis, the city dwellers best friend

Though many people believe that this is a private service, taxis actually are a public transportation method as their fares in terms of distance and time will mostly be subdued to the city’s politics that regulate this topic. In most of the countries a taxi will have a taximeter, and any fare used on it would need to be previously approved by the city hall.

Even though this is one of the most widely known and used transport methods, its fares are worldwide known for being quite high. For this reason, taxis are mostly recommended when the travelers need to make a short-medium distance in a immediate term.

Transfer services to avoid the city chaos

Some may think that transfer services have many similarities to taxis, and in fact they do, as well as they differ in very important things. First to all, transfer services are a private sector, offered in most cases by companies dedicated to this and (or) other kinds of transportation. Transfer cars usually don’t have any sign or identification as a service, which also gives them a sober and formal presence.

It is very important to remember that, in opposition to taxis that can be found practically anywhere, transfer services need to be contacted prior to the arrival. A simple web search such as transfer Valencia (or any other city) will give the user plenty of options to choose from. These are especially recommended for events, conferences or any kind of corporative meeting.


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