Side Underwater Tours

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Undoubtedly, the most important point for holiday lovers is the sea of destination. No one knows the reputation of side’s unique sea. People travel for miles just to see this sea view. Side, which is a city on the list of places everyone wants to go regardless of domestic and foreign, offers you a great holiday opportunity with its natural and cultural charm as well as the beauty of its sea. Side tours, as well as the sea, sand and sun, provide you with the gold of the sea also causes fascination.

Blau Laguna Boat Tour

With the Blau Laguna boat tour, you will see Side’s natural and cultural charm, sunbathing under clear blue skies and relaxing magnificently in side’s immaculate coves all day long. In addition, you will get a close-up view of side’s most beautiful and famous sights, such as the ancient harbour and the Sea Temple of Apollo. You can also enjoy a long break at the mouth of the Manavgat River and add colour to your holiday with a variety of fun activities throughout the day.

Side Diving Tour

It is a wonderful opportunity to take a dive in the magnificent sea of side. Diving lovers know that the taste of entering the cool waters of the Mediterranean is nowhere near. If you want to admire this amazing underwater world and want to study underwater creatures in a professional way closely, the side diving tour is for you. The underwater life of the sea of Side is very diverse and can also be referred to as a living museum. Wrecks, reefs, colorful fish and creatures will take you to a whole new world. Side underwater tour also offers you Professional Guides, which will give you a great experience whether you are an amateur or a professional.

Side Fishing Tour

Fishing has become a passion for some people. Fishing, especially in the magnificent underwater richness of the Mediterranean, will be a great activity. You can spend an exquisite day in a magnificent boat on the blue waters of the sea of Side. Side fishing tour promises you a pleasant day by taking all the equipment and safety precautions for you.

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