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Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is an exam that is given by the students of higher secondary grades to get into some of the top colleges/universities across the world. TOEFL Exam is based on English. It includes your speaking and writing skills. TOEFL Exams can be a greater booster for your report card. If you can get a TOEFL Score of above 80 then, your chances of getting into the top colleges’ increases. A score of below 80 would still be considered good. TOEFL Exams are easier compared to other exams. Nowadays, most of the TOEFL Exams are conducted online. It makes the work easier for the students. They don’t have to travel far off places or cities to give a TOEFL Exam.

Problems faced by the students

There are a lot of problems faced by the students while giving the TOEFL Exams. Many students have reported that while they were giving the exam online, the server went down or there was a technical glitch while giving the exam. Many students weren’t able to give the exam because of this. Students face a lot of difficulties because of this. It delays the process of college admission. Many believe that it is one of the biggest disadvantages of giving TOEFL Exams Online. There have been cases when students have not been able to make payments for their exams online. ETS, the company that looks after the TOEFL Exams, has been facing a lot of computer network errors. When students try to report all this matter to the ETS, they either reply late. It causes a lot of delay for the students. Many students said that ETS was the A1 English Test booking site but, after all the problems they faced, they changed their minds. ETS needs to look into these matters and make sure that no one faces any such kind of difficulty in the future.

There are a lot of places across the world where the TOEFL Exams are conducted. You can contact your school and get all the details. The TOEFL Exams are conducted in more than 165 countries. There is no limit to attempting the exam. However, only your last two year’s TOEFL score is taken into consideration


 If you are wondering why should we give the TOEFL Exam? Or what are its benefits? Just remember that it is as important as your SAT. If you don’t get a good score, then it can be difficult for you to get into a good college. There are a lot of A1 English test booking sites on the internet. TOEFL Exams help in improving your spoken English skills. TOEFL Exams can cost you a lot. Make sure that you have your mindset of going abroad and studying. TOEFL Exams are best for students who want to go abroad or want to improve in English. If you give TOEFL Exam at the higher secondary school level, it can help you communicate smartly in the future. There is no age limit for giving TOEFL Exams. TOEFL can also help you get a job in a good company.

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