Practical Options for the best Rome Tour in Two Days

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Like all the major cities of our times, the ‘capital of the world’ has to deal with the current problems related to terrorism and immigration the level of security in Rome is high thanks to the excellent surveillance by the forces of order demonstrated also during the last holidays.

Rome is the seat of the Italian Government, of the Parliament and of the various Ministries, as well as of all the other public institutions of our country: it can only be an extremely controlled city. Even the ‘eternal city’ is split in two: quieter central and residential areas, outlying areas and suburbs (but also some central point’s such as the Termini station) where poverty, unemployment and a greater presence of immigrants generate, on a daily basis, frequent episodes of petty crime. When it comes to the Rome Private Tour in 2 Days  then the following tips would support you.

You should not lose anything in Rome, but as we know, there are not many who have the time to see everything. It’s not worth running, it’s better to see few things, enjoy them and leave the rest as an excuse to return. Thinking of you, we have prepared posts with the squares and monuments that are essential for us on a visit to Rome.

Rome is the largest open air museum in the world, and if you don’t want to, you don’t need to pay any ticket to be transported into the magic of the past. Walking through the narrow streets of the center, among buildings, ancient churches, Roman ruins, wonderful square and staircases, you will realize that every centimeter of this city contains a centuries-old history to be discovered.

Rome Street

If you want to feel like a gladiator you cannot miss the visit to the Colosseum. The combined ticket Colosseum, Palatine, Roman Forum costs € 12 and you can visit the three places on two different days.

Where to eat in Rome

Around the places of greatest tourist interest there are a lot of restaurants that offer menus for nothing cheap and often the quality leaves something to be desired.

  • The first piece of advice is always to try to get out of the tourist itinerary but, given that in Rome it is easier said than done, we suggest that you put yourself in the streets where the restaurants offer higher quality food at a lower price. And if you are a Roman by shooting, ask him for information, he will surely help you better than anyone else.
  • If you really can’t get away from the tourist areas, we advise you to order a pasta dish or a pizza instead of the menu; Go safe and spend less.

If you want to spend little, the best solution is to eat a pizza that, even if it is not as good as that of a pizzeria, is cheap.

Pizza slices in Rome

In the evening we recommend the trattoria Da Ivo in Trastevere where you can enjoy authentic Roman cuisine. For a good ice cream instead we recommend the Giolitti ice cream shop , the oldest ice cream shop in Rome where you can also find champagne ice cream.


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