Plan your visit: Fun things to do in New Jersey 

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Don’t you get bored visiting the same old monuments wherever you go? 

Well, when in New Jersey you’re in for a ride! Infused with creativity and colors, New Jersey would not disappoint you! 

With unique and fun-filled attractions dotting every square mile of the area, you’re going to find it difficult to fix up the perfect itinerary. But don’t worry! We’ve handpicked the most distinctive and amusing locations in New Jersey that will definitely leave you in a state of awe. 

#1. Diggerland 

Who doesn’t want to dig, destroy, and crush items with heavy machinery? It is the childhood dream of 9 out of 10 people, and this is the place where it all comes true! Everything, from rides to the roller coaster, all are made of construction equipment. 

For the kids out there who looked at construction equipment with wonderment and the adults who yearn to vent with a JCB, this place is nothing short of heaven! 

So, when in New Jersey, don’t forget to dig in with Diggerland!  

#2. Fluorescent Rocks of Sterling Hill Mining Museum 

Being the largest display of fluorescent rocks in the world, the Fluorescent Rocks of Sterling Hill Mining Museum ironically have a pale history. It was amongst the oldest mines in the US and was decommissioned in 1986. But, Richard and Robert Hauck, the founders of this unique museum, looked at this rusty mine as a ‘glowing’ opportunity. 

In 1990 they opened it to the public and boy was everyone perplexed! All the materials in this museum glow under ultraviolet light. From dated fossils to concrete and crystals, everything! 

#3. Hopewell Theater 

If you want an in-depth knowledge of the local culture and at the same time want to socialize with the local community, then the Hopewell Theater is your place to be. This famous performing arts theater in NJ is equipped with a total of 180 seats, the Hopewell Theater is the perfect fusion of a casual yet fun environment. 

If you are in town for a couple of weeks, then catching a show in this theatre is a must! With a diversity of seating options such as the balcony seats, banquet tables, and conventional theater seats, one can relish any one of their shows in comfort. From comedy shows to live music, dine-in theater to performing arts, they host it all! Enjoy this unique blend of local culture and art by visiting the Hopewell Theater. 

#4. Grounds for Sculpture 

You never know what’s around the corner when you visit the Grounds for Sculpture. This 42-acre park is home to some of the most bizarre yet splendid sculptures and also hosts 2000+ rose bushes and 1000+ trees. It is the perfect representation of the New Jersey vibe, that is, creativity mashed with fun! 

While some of the sculptures are hidden in plain sight, some of them are placed in the most unusual locations. You’ll see them sitting on benches, or near the bushes. Visit the ground and see for yourself! 

#5. Cathedral of the Air

Are you an art enthusiast? Then visiting the Cathedral of the Air would be a breathtaking experience for you. Constructed with high ceilings to depict the thread between heaven and earth, this chapel is much more than a place for worship. 

With intricate designs gracefully portraying the voyage humanity takes to reach the heavens, this chapel portrays how humans developed air travel from the early zeppelins to the Wright Brothers. 

In the end, we can say that visiting New Jersey would replenish your energy with positivity and creativity. 


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