Morocco Desert tours from Marrakech

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We’re proud of what we do at PinKamel. We have been in the desert industry for over two decades. And we fell in love with the desert since we first laid eyes on it. We promise that you will feel the same after you book our Morocco desert trips. We have made this promise before and our certainty has never failed us.

First off, we’re certified. That means that you can expect everything to be flawless. You will wander across the desert admiring God’s creations. We will lead you through an amazing journey that will forever be embedded in your memory. Let us offer you that relaxing happy place that you can go to whenever you’re feeling down.

The landscapes that you’ll discover on our Marrakech desert trips will take your breath away.

Roam the desert on your trusted camel and experience the Sahara from a nomad’s perspective.

Rely on our tour guides to keep you informed. We hire professional and knowledgeable tour guides that share the same passion, and that’s the immense appreciation for this gorgeous, sandy gem. You’ll find everything you need on our desert tours from Marrakech. Create

amazing memories and indulge in daring activities. And in case you’re that type who loves gazing into skies and relaxing in the middle of the desert, then you will surely love our authentic Berber camp. You will be surrounded by the cosy campfire, and unwinding with the smooth

sounds of the Berber instruments.

Have a unique, pleasurable, and relaxing time at our Marrakech desert tours. This place will cleanse your soul and you will go back a changed person. Book our Morocco desert tours for

the tour of a lifetime. We love doing our job, and we most definitely love seeing the wide smile of

tour satisfaction on our guests’ faces.

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