List of Documents you must keep while travellinginternationally

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A myriad of wonders ushers in carrying within it the different perspectives of the unexplored. Traveling is a way of unlocking these experiences, and through it, the various territories on this globe. Essentially, it requires pre-planning to ensure a safe and satisfactory experience. Here’s a list of important documents you must carry to ensure a smooth sailing to your destination.

  • Passport/visa
  • Health insurance cards/document
  • Travel insurance
  • Reservations (print and save on your portable device)
  • Hotel contact information
  • Emergency contacts and addresses
  • Passport size photographs 
  • Personal ID/Student ID card (if you’re a student, you’ll get a lot of offers and discounts)
  • Cash and credit card (Forex)
  • Transportation tickets
  • Guide books and maps
  • Loyalty program card numbers


Absence of this conditional permission will hamper any aspirations you might be having of the location. First check with your country and the number of places you can fly to visa free. Second, if its visa on arrival, then apply for a tourist visa. The process of application and processing is time consuming, hence plan and apply in advance. 


This one is complete no-brainer. Folks you carry your passport when travelling internationally. Apply in advance if you’re not a passport holder. If you already own one, keep a check on its expiration, valid for at least 6 months. Carry an electronic as well as a soft copy alongside your passport size photographs (at least 4).

Foreign Currency/ Forex card:

The monetary aspect of your trip (on travel, shopping, sight-seeing, food, transport, souvenirs etc. at the location) dominates a number of factors. With a tentative amount in mind, convert your currency to the one of the destination country. Local stores and islands might not accept card, hence always carry the local currency. In case of the card too, always inform the bank about your plans to prevent any card block on the grounds of fraud (assumption from their end). If you feel carrying money is troublesome, invest in a Forex Travel card for carrying the foreign denomination. Check with your bank if they provide one or compare online sites for the best deal to get one.

Travel Insurance:

Consider this your primary duty. Hypothetical assumptions can seep into real life and convert your pre planned trip into an utter mess. In case of any medical emergencies, trip cancellations, accidents, acts of terrorism, lost baggage, medical emergencies and variety of other factors can negate your trip resulting in monetary losses. These grounds can be covered by investing in a travel insurance. In addition to your general insurances which might or might not be valid outside the domestic country, it covers you internationally. It acts as an extension to the general insurance and covers you in case of above mentioned factors. 

This is especially beneficial with its 24/7 phone line policy which guides you in case of any requirement. Medical coverage is an essential factor since international facilities (medical care) might burn a hole in your pocket. Enjoy a hassle free experience by investing in travel insurance.  

Carry the above mentioned documents, lay back and enjoy your new experience. 😀

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