Interesting foods worth trying in Florence tour

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Florence, a prominent city in Tuscan part of Italy, gives you a glimpse of true Italian culture. The place of birth of Renaissance, this city is soaked in culture, tradition and core values of Italy. When you are on a tour to such magnificent place and meet the mind-blowing people, you definitely become curious about how and what locals eat. So, here is a quick answer to your query.

  • Pasta the first course of the meal:

Much contrary to popular beliefs, pasta is actually a starter in Florence. It is served as the first course of the meal. It is served even before the salad. Crespelle alla Fiorentina is a very authentic pasta dish exclusive to Florence. This is a cheesy delight for the flavor lovers and has spinach. The pasta can be made delightful by adding extra layer of ricotta cheese and is made tangier with tomato sauce, which you pour on it as per your liking.

  • Trippa & Lampredotto:

This the heavenly dish for meat lovers. Meats of different varieties are processed in a variety of ways and then served as a main course. Commonly found as street food, the dish is a pure delight to savor. Minced, sliced, and marinated – just think of the way you want the meat to be, and this dish will provide you all those ways in single serving.

  • Schiacciata Fiorentina:

A rectangular sweet Florentine cake is what you will get when you order this dish. The cake is covered with icing sugar and Florentine lily design is created on the top. When cut in the form of slice, the cake has vanilla pudding in the middle layers.

Expect lots of beans and spinach in all varieties of Florentine dishes. The best way to savor these dishes is by booking Florence Food Tour that gives you access to most exclusive dishes which are not even easy to find on menu.

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