How Tour Guides Step up Safety Practices for Travelers

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The travel industry was hit particularly hard by the coronavirus and the shutdowns that tried to slow the spread of the virus. Fewer people are traveling and more people are booking private jet charters instead of flying commercially. 

Everyone has had to make major changes to adapt to the new reality of the pandemic. The same goes for tour guides, many of whom have been out of work since the beginning of the pandemic due to shutdowns. As the world begins to reopen, tour guides are getting back to work as well, but with the additional task of ensuring the safety of their tour group from COVID-19.

Tour Guides Are Working Online

Some tour guides have turned to the Internet when travel to their location was shut down. Some have offered Zoom lectures and creating YouTube videos while they weren’t able to offer tours. This online content offered them a way to engage with an audience and share their experiences and knowledge even though that audience couldn’t come to them in person yet. By offering online content, many tour guides are building relationships with tourists who will then travel to their location for a tour in person when the coronavirus travel restrictions have eased.

Tour Guides Are the Experts on Local Safety Guidelines

Visitors to a destination won’t necessarily have knowledge of the safety guidelines in place there. They’ll know the regulations for where they live, but may not have that information for anywhere they’re traveling to. This means that tour guides are often the ambassadors for the travel destination, ensuring that their tourists are abiding by the local safety regulations. Some locations will have stricter guidelines than others and if a tour encompasses multiple destinations, tour guides will have to ensure that their tour group is following the correct regulations for every place they visit.

Tour Guides Are Maintaining Safety Precautions on the Tour

On the tour, the tour guide will be setting an example that everyone on the tour should follow. The tour guide will need to wear a mask at all times and ensure that the inside of the vehicle is sanitized regularly, both during and after each tour. The tour guide will also be responsible for ensuring that tourists maintain proper social distancing while on the tour.

Knowing that your tour guide will be leading the way with the coronavirus safety measures, you can book a trip confident that they will do everything in their power to ensure your safety. Go ahead and book that private jet charter flight to Orlando or book that tour you’ve been wanting to go on. Your tour guide will be taking COVID-19 safety precautions very seriously.


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