How To Take Still Life Photography At Home And Achieve Spectacular Results

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Surely these days of confinement you have discovered a lot of things that you had never stopped to photograph. A good way to practice at home is to take still life photography.

Still, life photography does not require major complications or and will allow you to experiment and practice with your camera in a leisurely way. I think it is a good time to stop and take a breath in every way, including photography.

Think Of A Story

That is, what do you want to have with your image? What would you like to convey? The image of fresh tomato with a homogeneous illumination is not the same as a dry flower in the twilight. It is also not the same to use old jugs as avant-garde cutlery.

Choose The Object

Once you have an idea of ​​what you want to convey in your image, you have to choose the main elements of your image. They can be flowers, the ingredients of a dish that you are going to prepare, some books, an old clock.

Choose The Background

Based on the object and the history, it is worth thinking about the background. Working at home or in a studio, it is relatively easy to find funds that fit us. It can be a simple white wall, dark cardboard or fabric of the colour that makes us highlight the centre of interest of our composition.

Choosing The Best Lighting

This is another key point of still life photographs. The best way to have absolute control of it is through artificial light since it is not changeable and you can model it to your liking and without rushing.

It is, therefore, a good opportunity to test your external flash, if possible in manual mode, and daring to experiment without haste.

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Danny White

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