How to Prepare for the Road Trip of a Lifetime

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The road trip is an adventure classic. You will try new things, meet new people and explore new places. Although there are no rules when it comes to taking a fun road trip, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind before venturing out on that epic journey.

Book Ahead

You might be thinking it’s fun being flexible and booking accommodation where and when you feel like stopping. This is not a good idea if you are travelling during holidays because you could find yourself having a limited choice or driving into the night just to find a bed. If a major event is taking place along your route or it is school holidays, you should book accommodation before starting your trip.

Bring all Essentials

Carry all the necessary items. Ensure you have carried all your travel documents and put them in a waterproof bag; you should have a duplicate in your glove compartment. Also, arrange for the appropriate insurance. Depending on your destination, you should bring 2 sets of footwear, including sandals. Bring your mobile chargers and carry enough blankets plus travel pillows for everyone.

Rent a Camper Van

You might be thinking that you’ll save some money by bringing your vehicle, but if you are bringing your friends or family along, the journey won’t be comfortable. Find a luxury camper van hire to travel comfortably. You can go online and easily find luxury campervan hire for lengthy trips.

A campervan can come with a toilet, shower, kitchen facilities and expandable tents plus pop-up roofs. Additionally, you will save a lot of money since you won’t have to rent a room: You will comfortably sleep in the motorhome. Luxury camper van hire come equipped with modern amenities like cosy beds, air-conditioning, CD/DVD player, gas stove, fridge, microwave and couches. You will stay in an instant hotel.

Bring a Journal

This is not a homework assignment. Therefore, you won’t cover a page or write in it every day. You’ll use it to write things such as names of people you’ll befriend, names and addresses of the best restaurants and more. Furthermore, as you are travelling, you might uncover a great solution to an emerging problem or spark a business idea. You might get your next screenplay, play or novel idea. You might even watch the sun as it rises at the top of the mountain and be inspired to write a poem. In general, bring a journal and tell yourself that you will use it. Let your imagination and creativity come to play: No rules here, just use it.

Bring a Good Camera

Since you want to document your adventure, you should bring a good camera. If your mobile phone can take good photos, then it is okay. For instance, you will need to take pictures of helpful strangers and all the towns you visit. Documenting your journey visually will help with the next road trip as well.

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