Governments all across the globe are trying to save wildlife:

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Wildlife is really important in order to keep the right balance. We neglect these things, but it is not a small issue. It is an issue that needs proper attention. The wildlife is getting disturbed due to human activities. Only humans are destroying the natural habitat of the wildlife, and this, in turn, is also biting us as well. Now, governments all over the world are taking serious steps. These steps are needed to protect wildlife. We are also cutting forests at a great rate. Growing forests will also help wild animals to live peacefully.

We get benefited from elephants in many ways:

We are getting many benefits from the elephants. Thai people use elephants for the purpose of transportation. They carry their goods from one place to the other by the use of these elephants. Elephants eat a lot, and they only digest the fifty percent food. The rest food is released as dung. The elephant’s dung is being used for making paper in the paper industry. It is a great resource for making paper because the other option involves the cutting of forests. We have to cut trees in order to make paper. Thus, using an elephant’s dung will be a better technique in order to protect our natural resources because natural resources are equally important for any country. 

Preventive measures are needed in order to protect elephants:

Thai people are continuously raising awareness on various forms to protect their elephants. The number of elephants in Thailand is decreasing continuously. Thus, better measures are needed. The elephant care Samui is a successful project that is intended to protect elephants. Elephants are rescued from forests, and proper medical facilities are provided at these sanctuaries. It is also intended to raise awareness of saving elephants.

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