Four Bad Practices that Great Barbecue Restaurants Don’t Embrace

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For every good smoked meat or barbecue restaurant, there are hundreds of bad ones that play customers with meat that has been pre-cooked, in a disgusting sweet sauce. If you want real smoked meat or barbecue, you want to stay away from these bad ones. They are doing business in a way that they fake consumers. That is why you must know how to determine which barbecue restaurant to visit. The best restaurant will not do any of the following bad practices:

Serving the Barbecue Drowning in Sauce

As a customer, you will tell the restaurant whether or not you want your barbecue to be covered in sauce. The restaurant has no right to decide on their own unless they want to use the sauce to cover the real taste of their meat. This is also applicable if you order viande fumée Jarry. A dark, sticky cause can also cover the meat’s bleak, gray appearance after being wrapped in foil, steamed flaccid, or reheated. Barbecues are often served with sauce for drippings. 

Using Heat Source Other than Wood on Fire

Barbecue is supposed to be made by the intermingling of meat, fire, and wood smoke.  If you cannot see any sign or distinct smell of smoke in the air, the restaurant might be using gas, solar power, electricity, or other heat sources when cooking their barbecue. Real barbecue restaurants should have a cord of oak, mesquite, hickory, or other kinds of smoking wood stacked within their proximity. 

Using Smoke Flavour Poured from a Bottle

Restaurants that have this practice will use liquid smoke to try to give the meat the smoky smell. Liquid smoke is made from torching wood chips and funneling the smoke into a condenser to produce a highly concentrated smoky flavour. However, when liquid smoke is dumped into sauces and marinades, it produces an unmistakable chemical note. 

Serving Overcooked Ribs

When you eat the barbecue and the meat just slides off the bone because it is too tender, this means the restaurant boiled and steamed it first and grill or broil it to finish. This process provides briskets, ribs, and pulled pork the look of being cooked over flames. While properly cooked ribs may pull or tear clean off the bone, they will not slide off. Barbecue enthusiasts will certainly know a fake barbecue restaurant by its flavourless, mushy, and overcooked meat. Thus, if you want to eat properly cooked barbecue, find a restaurant somewhere else. 


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