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Whenever I’m taking a trip to Mexico’s repair, I like to examine which bus companies are taking a trip in between both destinations. Some firms are most definitely better than others, a lot more on that later, as well as if there are a couple of alternatives, I like to understand all of them prior to booking anything.

The easiest method to discover what bus companies are taking a trip between two cities in Mexico is just to Google the course. I typically type something like this into Google:

Mexico City to Aguascalientes by bus

A few sites will pop up to try to aid you in finding, as well as the book, the most effective options available. One website I utilize continually, as well as have discovered to be one of the most perfect for buses services in Mexico, is known as Rome2Rio, for example, the destinations like the bus from Merida Cancun.

It informs you precisely what bus business go in between each location. It has the most updated details regarding when the buses leave every day, how much the expense of the ticket, as well as from which bus terminal they leave from. Mexico City has four bus terminals, so you do not intend to most likely move to the wrong one! I never reserve my bus tickets via them, although it seems an alternative on their internet site.


Now that you recognize where to locate the info concerning each bus path in Mexico, you’ll wish to identify the most effective method to acquire them. If you are a laid-back vacationer and the bus that you want to take leaves at several times a day, you can merely turn up to the bus station as well as acquire your tickets from the ticket counter.

This is why it’s very crucial to identify which bus business most likely to the destination you want, due to the fact that, at the time you get to a bus terminal in Mexico, all you are going to see there is a various work desk with the name of the bus company on them.

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