Epic Photo Walk of Mount Bromo

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Like most travelers, we went to Java to see the famous sunrise at Mt. Bromo. But, unlike any other day, we were celebrating our first anniversary. Although we weren’t too excited about waking up early as we had only arrived after a 1am conclusion from KawahIjen, we knew the perspective and scenery would be well worth it.

We started with an early 3am wake-up call. We decided to hike to the sunrise point by ourselves rather than joining a tour. We bundled up in our warmest clothing and began our ascent from the moonlit sky with the stars and the moon as our guide.

Whenever we have to the perspective, sunlight started to emerge, coloring the sky in hues of purple and orange as it illuminated the valley.

From where we stood, we can see the ocean of Mt. Bromo in all its glory, let us enjoy this peaceful and serene minute to ourselves. Contrary to another tourist swarmed sunrise Points, there was a total of 6 individuals where we were at so we got to fully take in the breathtaking scene of these clouds and the mountain, slowly being lit up from the sun.

Despite having traveled to a Lot of different Places and seen so many beautiful things, this moment was special. We knew that we’d not forget that afternoon.

Soon, everything was glowing as the sea of Clouds created the perfect background for this quite remarkable viewpoint. We sat there fairly mesmerized because we soaked everything in. The sun has been shining, and the weather was cold, and we’re pleased to be there.

We approached a beautiful woman in her small straw hut and purchased a cup of coffee to warm us up. We sat with a tiny little bench and enjoyed our great perspective. A view of mountains through the clouds

We started our descent from our hike as we took Photographs of the things. By this time, the city of CemoroLawang was only coming to life. The beauty of the town was overwhelming as we gradually made our way back into the homestay where we spent the night.

We got to our homestay and return and saw this gorgeous road which we just spent the previous 3 hours walking. A woman is walking down a road lined with trees leading to the summit. We packed our luggage and headed on a minibus back to Probolingo in efforts to catch a local bus to our next destination, Yogyakarta. We abandoned, extremely pleased by our choice to not combine a trip as we had seen among the most unforgettable moments that we’d shared together.

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