Don’t Miss Visiting These Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In The Exotic City Of Rome

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The eternal city of Rome is enormous. It has a rich cultural and historical heritage dating back to thousands of years and is stuffed with interesting sights. Despite being soaked in contemporary culture, tourists can get a glimpse of its rich past. Are you planning a trip to Rome? It could feel quite a challenge to pan out an itinerary especially when you’ve planned a short trip.

Cycle your way through Rome:

You are likely to get overwhelmed by the overpowering number of heritage sites in Rome. Planning helps you make the most of your time. There are bike tours in Rome through which you can visit the most iconic sites in Rome in a span of a few hours. If you are looking for popular bike tours in the city, visit the website of TopBike Rentals and Tours.

Even if you aren’t too much of an athletic person, you’ll love the 4-hour tours which are fun and easy even for first-timers. You can also choose to combine two tours and complete it in a day if you wish to cover more places in a day. Know which the must-see places in Rome are before choosing the tour package.

Places of interest in Rome:

Colosseum: This one comes as no surprise. No visitor leaves Rome without visiting the Colosseum. This amphitheater was constructed between 70 and 80 AD and can hold over 50000 spectators. It was built to witness countless wild animal fights.

Domus Aurea: In 64 AD after the Great Fire of Rome destroyed Emperor Nero’s residence, he ordered a reconstruction of this ostentatious palace. This site screams of extravagance, which is also referred to as Golden House. Located just a few miles away from the Colosseum, it is open for guided tours on weekends.

The Roman Forum: 

Today it is a mass of chaotic ruins. It was once a grandiose district of temples, vibrant public spaces, and basilicas. Wander the iconic ruins to get a glimpse of ancient Rome. 

The Palatine Hill: 

Located about 40 meters above the Roman Forum, it is centrally located among the famous 7 hills of Rome. Though it is overshadowed by the popularity of Colosseum, it’s worth the climb. You’ll find hundreds of ruins here among which some of the famous ones are:

  • Domus Flavia
  • House of Livia
  • House of Augustus
  • Farnese Gardens
  • Palatine Museum

The Pantheon: The ancient Romans built this as a temple to all Gods. Even after 2000 years of construction, the structure stands tall and is breathtaking. It is the only structure of its size and age that has stood the test of time. 

Spanish Steps: The unique irregular butterfly design of the Spanish steps is a popular place of artists, poets, and painters. Gradually this Roman Baroque architecture started attracting a wealth of tourists who climb the 138 steps and click pictures.

Trevi Fountain: Located in the city’s historic center, the fountain draws around 1200 tourists every hour. When in here be amazed by this Baroque masterpiece, toss a coin (so that you are bestowed with the luck to return to the city) and recall the famous scenes filmed at this location.

Baths of Caracalla: It was once Rome’s largest public paths and accommodated around 1600 bathers. It also had two libraries and extensive gardens. Ancient Romans visit this place regularly to maintain hygiene and social relations. Bearing in mind the age it was built, the water supply system, drainage and heating systems are marveled to be effective.

Being in Rome is a truly unforgettable experience. Take guided bike tours and avoid scuffling between places on your own so that you get to see more of Rome.



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