Discover Mauritius ™ : The ultimate Travel App companion

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Clueless as to what the tropical island of Mauritius has to offer? Not to worry, having recently visited Mauritius myself have found the ultimate user-friendly travel companion through Discover Mauritius ™. It is a Travel Guide Application that I found works simultaneously to cater for a wide range of travellers ranging from the adventure seeker to the recharge retreaters; budget conscious travellers to the lavish traveller. Aimed at a common goal which is to make our stay in Maurice more memorable.

Feel like you are not largely tech savvy? Don’t despair ! The Discover Mauritius ™ interface is user friendly and easy to navigate through helping put you at ease if lost on the latest island entertainment trends .Be prepared to be jostled out of your comfort zone with a wide range of activities ranging from authentic Creole eateries ,to adrenaline filling kite surfing. The Travel Guide Application is absolutely free and works both online and offline. Easily accessible on all Play Store and App Stores ,it is designed to work intuitively by using locational features to cater to the immediate needs of any traveller.

Looking for a safer way to mingle has never been more easier, Discover Mauritius™ instantly links travellers to other fellow travellers and locals. Found this feature largely beneficial as it allowed me to meet new travel buddies and learn a bit more about the local culture and traditions which makes this charming island the ultimate travel paradise.

From one traveller to another, have a pleasant stay on the island. Hope your experience is as memorable as mine was and maybe next time Discover Mauritius ™ will award us the opportunity to link up .Till then Discover Mauritius ™ can be your temporary companion, check out the links below for a reliable and ever present travel mate :

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