Common Words Boaters Should Know

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If you’re just now exploring boats, docks and decks, you may be encountering some words that you’ve never needed to know before. Understanding the language of boating is the first step towards getting into the hobby.


Docks frequently refer to an enclosed area in which boats can enter and be kept safe. Docking a boat refers to connecting a boat to a secured platform, usually wooden, where passengers can embark and disembark.


A harbor is a place located close to land where ships and boats can be safe. If there’s a loading or unloading area, a harbor is often referred to as a port.


Marinas are locations where boats can be docked or moored while not in use. Some marinas even allow people to live on board their ships or boats. They’re similar to a parking lot for cars: boats can enter into open waters through the marina.


Mooring is the act of tying a ship up, usually on open water rather than at a dock. When a ship or boat is moored, it is anchored and will not move, but it isn’t easy to get on or off the boat.


A slipway is an angled structure that makes it easy to get a boat in and out of the water. Slipways are used to put boats in and out of the water without potentially damaging them, though it’s often better to keep a boat docked in the water.

Boating is an extremely complex and rewarding hobby. If you’re interested in getting into boating, your first step will be to equip your land with a dock.

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