Celebrate International Water Festivals with Etihad Promo Code

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Countries in Southeast Asia are famous for the summer months. High heat prevails in the region but the locals know how to deal with it. They also believe that washing the ill health, evil spirits and bad luck is only possible with water. This helps to start a new year with nothing bad. Coupon.ae team knows these community practices and traditions. This team helps people celebrate the rituals and festivals with affordable plans. Grab Etihad Airways Promo Code and travel to Southeast Asian countries (back to home) in order to take part in famous water festivals. Etihad is one of the famous airlines helping people reunite for business, education, travel, pleasure and more.

Songkran Festival, Thailand:

This is a biggest water festival in this region as well as in the world. The festival is an attraction for locals as well as international tourists. Those who love water games and contests always join the Songkran in Thailand. Is there anything special in this water festival? Yes, the elephants also join the water games. This is a best place to travel and have fun in the summer. Search Etihad Promo Code to celebrate Songkran in Thailand in a reasonable budget.

Thingyan, Myanmar:

Usually, this festival happens in mid-April. However, the festival was postponed due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. There are speculations that Myanmar government is interested to reschedule the water festival in October before the onset of winter months. This is still unconfirmed until or unless situation of covid-19 pandemic gets better in the region.

Dai, China:

This is a water splashing festival and it is interesting because of no restrictions. You can splash water on any person even strangers. Dai water splashing festival is a famous event in Yunnan Province and it is celebrated by an ethnic minority. Etihad airways offers special flights and tour plans for people visiting various Chinese cities. Wait for the good news (lifting of travel bans) and keep an Etihad Promo Code in your mind to explore the best water festivals in Asia.

Chaul Chnam Thmey:

This is a popular traditional water festival in Cambodia. This is a sign of beginning of Cambodian New Year. The term “Chaul Chnam Thmey” means “Enter New Year” so this is a religious as well as traditional occasion in the country. People who love to have the super weather conditions, natural beauty and water splashing all around should remember this Cambodian New Year (also called Khmer New Year). Book the business or economy class seats at an affordable rate after applying Etihad Promo Code online.

Boun Pi Mai:

This water festival is a local practice in Laos. Similar to Chaul Chnam Thmey, the Boun Pi Mai is a celebration of Laos New Year. The festival is held in main city Luang Prabang and it continues for a week. This festival is a great opportunity for families and friends looking to feel a mix with locals. The festival usually occurs in mid-April but it will be celebrated in the next year after having clearance from the health authorities.

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