Canyoning Soca, an unforgettable experience

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We are offering you an incredible trip. Canyoning Soca tour will take the whole day, but every second of it will be filled with amazing views and an exciting adventure.
We will meet in front of our office in Bled, and our guides will drive you to the Soča valley, which will take approximately an hour and a half. We will see some amazing scenery from our van, as well as an area, filled with historical monuments. We will then put on our gear and take a hike to canyoning Soca starting point, where your adrenalin level will rise to the max. This trip is not for faint hearted, and is suitable for experienced and well-prepared adventurers.
Check canyoning Soca at and book this incredible adventure, either online or in our office.

will astound us while we will be dressed as frogs

Canyoning Soca trip offers you an escape from the crowds, to an unforgettable water experience.
It is known for its narrow gorges, deep caverns, and an almost 20m high waterfall. Do you dare to jump into one of the most magnificent natural basins, filled with pure alpine water? Nature that surrounds you on this adventure really is incredible. Emerald green basins, shiny white pebbles, vast green forests, white limestone gorges, contrast of white and green really is hard to describe.
Dressed in a neoprene suit, boots, helmet, and harness, we will climb, move across obstacles in the gorge, rappel narrow walls, swim, jump. You really need to be in good physical condition for canyoning Soca adventure, not be too scared of heights and hopefully with no vertigo. Our guides, who have loads of experience and, of course, are all licensed, will take care of the rest.

Become one with nature

Canyoning Soca offers you primal experience with nature; it is the closest you can get to nature, so make sure to join us.

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