All You Should Know Before Travelling to Lapland in Finland

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Finland is a wonderful country that has a beautiful landscape and lovely weather. The Lapland, which is the most beautiful region in Finland, is one of the most popular tourist destinations these days. With the white snow, beautiful weather, landscape, mountains, small villages and most importantly, the northern lights make Lapland in Finland the best place to visit for any tourist. 

Be it the solo traveller, or the couple, or just casual travellers, everyone should visit Lapland atleast once in a lifetime. We have visited this place multiple times and enjoyed it every time. For those who like to relax, it’s the best place. For those who love to have some action and adventure, it’s the right place. The travellers who want to roam the region for nature and beauty, it’s a great place. In short, it’s one of the only places in the world that is so perfect that you won’t find any bad thing about this place. That’s why we are sharing the ultimate guide for visiting the Lapland. You’ll learn about Travelling, Accommodation, Transportation and many other things about Lapland. 

Travelling to Lapland, Finland

Travelling to Lapland is quite easy. First, you have to take a flight to Helsinki, which is the capital of Finland. You can find flights to Finland from all major airport hubs all over the world. From London, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, New Delhi, Moscow, or any other place, you’ll find the National Flag carrier Airlines Finnair operating there. 

After reaching Helsinki, you can either rest in the Hotel, or wait for another flight. Another flight is going to be the flight to Rovaniemi. Rovaniemi is the capital of the Lapland region. Also, it’s the centre point, from where you are going to start your journey in the country. 

Accommodation Options in Lapland 

Lapland is quite a touristy place. The government has already taken care of the tourists by allowing Hotels to operate in the region. You’ll find numerous accommodation options including the Hotels, Airbnb apartments, Hostels for Backpackers and Authentic homestays. You can choose anything you want according to your convenience and budget. All of the accommodation options are upto the standards, and you won’t face any issues here whatsoever. 

Must-Visit Attractions in Lapland 

#1 – Santa Claus Village 

The Santa Claus village is the main attraction of this region. With the small village set up with the theme of Santa Clause’s native city, it’s a wonderful experience. Many people claim that Santa Claus actually operates from this village. 

#2- Northern Lights 

The Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights is the attraction that you must not miss. It’s an astronomical attraction, which is very beautiful. You should not miss the Northern Lights show in Lapland, as it’s not seen from anywhere on the earth, except the countries which are closer to the magnetic poles of the earth. 

#3 – Igloo Park 

The Igloos are the small houses that are made with the Ice Bricks. Yes! They have a special design, which is quite useful in the Snowy regions like Lapland. In the old days, the people used to live in the Igloos to stay safe from extreme cold and the winter storms. You can visit the part and experience living in the Igloo made from ice bricks for a night. 


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