About Us

There are thousands of travel blogs out there, but at NY Landings Trip, we focus on quality content that readers want to read. A team of travel enthusiasts, frequent travelers, authors and editors came together to launch NY Landings Trip, which now covers a whole range of topics. From travel, destination, travel tips, to outdoors, and vacation, we cover it all. It remains our sole endeavor to ensure that the website remains true to our readers, where we also include topics that as part of requests and feedback.

NY Landings Trip focuses on content that’s unique and allows people to cover different parts of the world through curated posts. We also write on travel tips and guides, so that planning and executing becomes easier. We usually try and include as many diverse topics as possible, and we look forward to comments on our work, so that we can do better.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and feedback on how we can do better. The whole team of NY Landings Trip thanks its readers and website visitors for their contribution, and we intend to expand soon and include more travel segments on our blog. Follow us for updates and more!