A short guide for tipping Limo Service Chauffeur

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Riding a limo is a way to enjoy your day with luxury and a way to impress your buddies. But at the same time, you should not forget the limousine driver you had taken you on this blissful ride. He might surely be on time to pick you up and had waited for long while you might have spent time inside the clubs. Not only this, but he might also have used his contacts to help you avoid long queues for club tickets and had ensured that you should get the VIP treatment too. So, the main dilemma that you might have faced at the end of your trip is how much to tip the driver of Limo Services Toronto.  Truth varies as sometimes the tip is included in the contract prices and sometimes not. Here is a quick guide on the tipping culture for limo drivers:

Hourly Contract Vs Fixed Rate:

The first thing to check while deciding upon the tip of the driver is whether he is paid on an hourly basis or has a fixed rate. Hourly drivers are paid on the number of hours they have spent while driving whereas, fixed-rate drivers are paid a preset amount on the distance of the trip. If the driver is paid on the fixed rate then, tips should be calculated in the final price. Some people consider tipping the driver 15% of the net charges of the service. It is always good to check if the tip is included in the net price or not before paying the final amount.

Wait Hours Time:

Although drivers are paid for the time they are driving, a good chunk of their time goes in waiting for their clients, while they are inside a club or casino. This is especially seen in the case when Limo drivers become a part of some event transportation.  During these waiting hours, they are also supposed to clean and make the vehicle ready for the next destination. Despite all this, drivers are formally paid only when they are actually driving and the client is inside the vehicle. In this case, when your driver spends long waiting hours, it is ideal for you to tip the driver more at the end of the trip.

Distance and Duration of the Trip:

Consider the distance traveled by the driver during the trip. The longer the trip, the more should be the tip.  Apply the formula of giving 10% of the total bill as the tip.

Other factors:

There are other factors also that should be considered while you tip the driver. These include his etiquettes, cleanliness, and size of the car. If a client makes the car dirty, then certainly the driver should be given more tip.  A larger car demands a bare minimum amount of 15% of the total amount at the tip.


Finally, it is your common sense that allows you to tip the driver. Check the kind of service the chauffeur has given you and tip him accordingly. Tipping a Limo Services Toronto driver is a way to express how your experience with the company and the driver was.

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