A Guide to Different Types of Holiday Accommodation

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Depending on your holiday needs will depend on which type of holiday accommodation you want to opt for. Your holiday accommodation is essentially somewhere that provides shelter, safety and a place to store your belongings, however, many types of accommodation also offer food, laundry, fitness and spa facilities depending on where you stay.

Below we have compiled a list of some different types of accommodation that you may want to look at when you are planning your next trip.


A hotel covers a wide variety of places, which all vary in budget. Travellers can benefit from uniquely designed serviced rooms at seafront hotels Llandudno, with even the option for room service and in-house restaurants. Many of the top restaurants in Llandudno are housed in hotels. Hotels are family friendly and will usually cater for all of your necessities.


Hostels, sometimes referred to as youth hostels, don’t have a specific age limit at all. These low-budget accommodations are perfect for those travelling on a much tighter budget and are more commonly used with those who travel from place to place with minimal baggage. Hostels usually feature bunk beds in a multiple occupancy room with shared bathroom facilities. So, if its privacy you are after, you’re not likely to find it here.

Bed & Breakfast

Known as B&B’s, these small residences include hotel style rooms which often have a more homely feel. B&B’s are usually much cheaper than hotels and give you an opportunity to mingle with other guests and owners whilst eating breakfast.

Guest Houses

Guest houses are becoming more and more common with the likes of Airbnb. Guest houses are much like B&Bs but they are located in a home which has been converted into guest accommodation. It is likely whilst you are staying in the guest house that the owners will be there too.

House Rentals

As mentioned above, Airbnb also allows you to rent an entire house or apartment where you can stay for your holiday. Generally, people who are travelling in large groups or with family tend to opt for this as it allows the whole group to have access to an entire house, and can even see lower prices if you look at how much it would cost per person.


Resorts are usually located in or near tourist locations such as beaches. They usually cater mainly people travelling for leisure and usually have numerous recreational facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and golf courses.


Camping is popular among youngsters who would want to get away from it all. This type of accommodation has everything you need in your backpack which includes a tent, bedding and other necessary equipment. Due to the sense of adventure in remote picturesque locations, camping has become more popular.

Cottages and Villas

Cottages and villas are a fantastic option and it’s one that you should definitely try out. These are much larger than hotels and can be in the same cost bracket as them. Cottages and villas can accommodate at least 4 people at any one time and also has plenty of privacy.


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