A Complete Field Guide To Innsbruck

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Innsbruck happens to be the bustling capital of Austria’s Tyrol region. Located in a valley between the Patscherkofel, Karwendel Alps and Serles mountains, Innsbruck is a true alpine city. This is the perfect spot for all the outdoor and mountain sports adventurers.

This internationally renowned winter sports Launchpad attracts top sporting events and athletes from all corners of the world. Whether it be winter or summer, Innsbruck is always sporting ready.

Innsbruck also happens to be the world-class base for hiking, mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, and many other outdoor activities. It is guaranteed you won’t have a single dull moment as soon as you step into the boundaries of Innsbruck. If you are planning to visit this amazing place don’t you dare forget to pack your outdoor kit.

Check out the short field guide given below.

Outdoor Activities To Enjoy

When in Innsbruck, you simply cannot miss taking part in the following activities.

  • Skiing And Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular sports in Innsbruck. To enjoy the best skiing and snowboarding experience you must visit the place during the winter months.

Kuhati, the highest winter village is only 30 minutes away from Innsbruck. This is a place where you can find deep snow and plenty of winter sun. You must also check out Patscherkofel, Home Mountain in Innsbruck. This place is the true heaven for snowboarders and skiers.

  • Hiking And Trekking

With beautiful scenic views and towering mountains all around, Innsbruck was meant to for trekking and hiking activities. All you need to do is take out your outdoor gear and get set on your trekking trip.

If you are ready for an adventurous hiking trip then Stubai High Trail is the option for you.  It is known as the black mountain route for experienced hikers.

Places To Eat and Drink 

Innsbruck is a happening city that is filled with an endless number of bars and restaurants. Not to forget it also has live music venues as well. Having said that now let’s check out some of the places where you can enjoy the finest quality dining in the city.

  • Eat

For a short break of coffee and tasty snacks, SixtyTwenty could be the perfect place for you. With an appealing décor and seating area, this is the perfect place for you to chill out.

  • Drink

If you are looking for a night full of enjoyment with some finest drinks to quench your liquor thirst then Das Nax is the destination for you. You can find good beer and great live music in here. A perfect place to sit and hand out with your buds.

How To Get There?

  1. By car: You can easily reach Innsbruck by car as it is only two hours away from the city of Munich.
  2. By air: Innsbruck Flughafen airport is located outside the city but it is linked with a good transportation system.

You can also refer to some of the good outdoor travel guides for more detailed information.

Innsbruck is the perfect place to spend your holidays especially if you are planning with your gang. During your visit don’t forget to bring back gifts for travel lovers from the city of mountain sports.

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