4 Unique Places to Host Your Bachelorette Party

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By Alex Schnee

If you have been planning your special day, you’ve also been planning your bachelorette party and where you are going to have it for just as long. However, destination bachelorette party ideas aren’t always so easy when many of the good places have already been taken up or have become too overcrowded. When you want to find a spot that others haven’t been to before, then you might have to bit of digging to find your perfect accommodations.

Here are 4 places that you might not have considered for your party, but that can make your day with your friends truly unique.

1.      Honolulu, Hawaii

What could be better than sipping on a cool cocktail while hanging out on the beach with your best friends? Hawaii is the ideal spot to party as well as to relax. If you are planning on accomplishing both on your trip with your friends, then you need to have a tropical environment where you can let loose and also come back and feel ready for your wedding day. Hawaii can be the perfect answer when you want more from your trip than just a night out or two.

2.      Key West, Florida

Miami is long-known for being party central, but there is a much more relaxing (and equally as fun) opportunity to get away right nearby. With delicious dining options, classy bars, and gorgeous beaches, it’s no wonder that Key West is quickly becoming the new spot for partying. Best of all, it’s not a long flight from most of the major cities within the United States, and you can often get back in time to get to work on Monday morning.

3.      Washington, DC

You might not think of the nation’s capital as the place to take your friends for a bachelorette party, but you are definitely missing out if you don’t. Instead of having to find new, non-touristy things to do in Paris or try to avoid gambling in Vegas, you can see some of the world’s best museums and try some of DC’s best restaurants. There’s a lot to do in this city besides watching politics, including concerts and great bars. With so many colleges in the area, there’s plenty of nightlife activity to go around.

4.      Minneapolis, Minnesota

Who says you can’t party in the Midwest? The Twin Cities is a great location to enjoy a game, drink some beer, and go clubbing with your friends. It’s easy to get around, and it’s accessible from almost any spot on the United States. If you’re thinking brewery tours, getting outdoors for a hike or two, or checking out the lively restaurant scene, you can find it here.

In conclusion

For a day that you will never forget, you don’t want to go to the same places that everyone else does. By finding some unique locations, you can create a party that you and your friends will be chatting about for years to come.

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